Friday, October 31, 2014

Posted Friday Night: 31st November:

The WML off the Gujarat/Sindh coast shows a last flicker, and got re energised slightly, and was at estimated pressure of 1006 mb on Friday Night...precipitating in Kutch and Lower Sindh.

Western Disturbance N-1 seen approaching from the West. Should be over North Pakistan by the 3rd November, and Moving into India the next day.
Rain/Snow in the Hills of Northern Sub Continent. Precipitation also likely in the Punjabs and Upper plains of India and Pakistan. Drop in day temperatures and subsequently fall in night temperatures after 5th November.

Vagaries had put up of a Low forming off the TN coast on Friday 31st...It has formed, and we can expect the heavy rains in Chennai from night and occasional showers on Saturday, possibly increasing on Sunday to intermittent rains. Decrease thereafter.

A fresh Low will form in the Southern Bay, East of Sri Lanka near 90E, around the 3rd of November. Low likely to intensify, and seems initially it will concentrate into a Deep Depression or Cyclone. Movement as on current trend seems to be tracking towards the North TN coast.

Forecast for Saturday 1st November and Sunday 2nd:

Mumbai: Saturday Sunny and warm....and hot on Sunday.
Saturday day temp will be around 35c, increasing to 36c on Sunday. Piercing in the Sun, and not much further drop in night temperatures from 21/22c. East winds pre noon and turning West later.
Eastern Outer townships also getting hhot at 36c, and 20c at night.

Pune: Pune sunny and around 30/31c. Nights pleasant around 16/17c.

Delhi NCR: Partly cloudy on Saturday, clearing later. Days around 30c and nights getting a bit cooler to around 14/15c. 


Unknown said...

yesterday night 5mm rain with cool winds in khi. hyderabad got4mm thatta 11mm. we people of sindh was so happy last night like eid. hope more rains if we can get from this system after drought year.

Unknown said...

rajesh sir, as per forecast no major rains ,and not even medium rains fell over gujarat. now what is the situation in bay due to a low. or any other system in november after some days in arabian sea which could againaffect konkan and mumbai or that low would affect it.all other forecasters are predicting rain on 11,12,13 nov. what is your prediction. a long term forecast for mumbai by tuesday.thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

hot and sunny weather today.its 29.5c in nagothane current. now nights are shivering.

ugaap said...


Typo it should be 31st October !

6th December  Cyclone Michaung nears the end of it's life cycle in Telangana.  It will go into  records for causing extremely very heavy...