Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Friday Evening: Thunder Cells seen in the Eastern skies off Mumbai..Thunder shower reported by Abhijit in Badlapur. Rain reported from parts of Pune and Talegaon.
As mentioned in our forcast, Lonavla and Mahableshwar received rain showers on Firday evening.
Mumbai Colaba max to day at 36.5c, Scruz at 36.8c and vagaries 36.4c...Minimum at Colaba and vagries at 28.0c.
Weekend estimate later tonite...

 GREEN COMET APPROACHES RED PLANET: Auroras likely on Mars ...Space News Page

Thunder Cells were seen from Mumbai towards the East and SE on Thursday evening..
Mumbai soared to a very hot 37.0c on Thursday 16th October...Scruz, Colaba and Vagaries recorded an identical 37.0c...Minimum at Vagaries was a stuffy 28.0c...
Hot Divali ahead ? Chances of crossing Scruz October record of 37.9c ? Weekend forecast on Friday Night

16th October: Highest in India was at Bhuj which saw 38.2c, while Surat was 37.4c...

For warned in Vagaries on Monday..WD and Hudhud inter action effect on Central and Western Nepal...Read here and here

As mentioned in Vagaries' Long Term Forecast on Monday 13th. we see a trough forming from South Mah thru Kerala.

Estimate for Mumbai Region and Madhya Maharashtra Thursday 16th and Friday 17th:

Rainfall likely in South Maharashtra, Goa and Interior Karnataka.Heavy rains in South Madhya Maharashtra

A Local Vortex forms off Goa coast on Thursday and Friday. Rains likely in Goa on these days, with thunder in th evenings.
Lonavala and Mahableshwar too get thunder showers on Thursday and Friday evening.

Thursday: Partly cloudy day with high around 32c. Thundery developments in the Eastern and SE Skies. Very warm and stuffy nights.

Eastern Outer townships will get thunder heads forming with chances of rains ,especially Southwards.

Friday: Warm stuffy day, getting cloudy by evening. Thunder clouds developing in the Eastern and SE skies. 

Thunder showers likely in Eastern Outer townships by evening.

Pune: Wednesday and Thursday: Partly cloudy day, with thunder showers forming by evening. Patches in parts will get heavy showers, specially in the West.
Rise in night temperatures.


Rajesh said...

Vagaries showing 37.0c and 45% humidity at 12.45 pm..Thursday

Rawat said...

North rajasthan and west UP already cooling down rapidly . Min around 12c

sset said...

still we have rains over NW(RAJ), MAHA,Northern India - what about NE monsoon - no sign - what will happen to TN/Rayalseema???

6th December  Cyclone Michaung nears the end of it's life cycle in Telangana.  It will go into  records for causing extremely very heavy...