Sunday, October 12, 2014

Posted Sunday Night:

Nagpur and Raipur can get thunder showers on Monday. Cloudy and cooler, the showers may accumulate around 25 mms in the day.Rains decreasing from Tuesday.

A WD approaching from the West will precipitate rains and snow in Northern Pakistan and in Kashmir from Sunday Night. Monday will see rains in Northern Pakistan and North Indian Hill States.

Light rains likely in Punjab/Haryana.

Delhi gets showers in some parts from 13th night or 14th.

Caution: The WD moves with a trough in the 30N , and could inter act with Hudhud (as a Depression or Well Marked Low). Hence, heavy falls likely in Utterakhand and Western Nepal on 14th. Landslides likely in the region.

South West Monsoon Withdraws from Rest of Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra, Marathwada and N.I.Karnataka..12th October

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pics of Severe Cyclone Hudhud here..sent by Vagarian Santosh (Kolkata)

Cyclone Hudhud crosses coast at 11.30 am just North of visakhapatnam...Cat 3....105 mms rain till 8.30 am and another 40 mms from 8.30-11.30 am Sunday with winds at 180 km/hr in Vizag. Gusts upto 195 km/hr experianced in 12.30 pm, lull in rains in Vizag as eye over the city ...Eye Crossing NOW (12 pm)..
puri beach today..due to cyclone hudhud the waves had becomed monsterious from yeaterday ni8 and this ia the view of today when the sea water came into the road.....sent by Vagarian Mitan from Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar today

Destruction maximum in city of Vizag...City without power and in shambles...other half of Cyclone yet to cross..and along North AP coast...

Posted Sunday Morning:

Severe Cyclone Hudhud, now centerd just approximately 60 kms ESE of Visakhapatnam, is slowly tracking towards land. Even though still at Cat 3 and having devastating winds at estimated 112 knts, 203 kmph, with gusts at 135 knts,  a damaging 250 kmph,,, it is fortunate that the storm has not strengthened more.

On initial landfall, around noon on Sunday, few pockets can get rainfall in excess of 150-175 mms.

With core pressure estimated at 945 mbar, the eye of the storm seems to be ( as seen in image)  "opening into irregularity" before hitting land. 

As the centre is 50 kms away, the Western alf of the system has already crossed land, and the effect in terms of heavy rains and winds is seen along North AP coast. Kalingapatnam recorded 117 mms till 8.30 am Sunday and Vizag 105 mms with winds at around 50 km/hr.

Andhra Pradesh Rainfall from Hudhud on 12.10.2014

in mm (min 80 mm)

Itchapuram - 139
Vishakapattinam - 121
Kalingapatam - 117
Mukkam - 117
Visakhapatnam - 105
Pusapatirega - 104
Garbam - 102
Vijaynagaram - 102
Chepaluppada - 100
Seethampet - 98
Upper Bathupuram - 98
Ranasthalam - 97
Vishakapattnam Common Point - 97
Lower Bathupuram - 96
Arakabadra - 95
Tekkali - 93
Nellimara - 93
Govindapuram-  92
Pydibhimavaram - 89
Ragolu - 86
Palasa Mandal - 86
Gurla - 85
Tulugu - 84
Laveru - 83
Akkivaram - 83
Gara - 82
Narsannapeta - 81
Nimmada - 81
Palasa - 80
Sompeta - 80

Odisha Rainfall from Hudhud on 12.10.2014

in mm (min 50 mm)

  Mahendragarh    122
  Basudevpur - 105
  Thidi - 103
  Marshangai - 100
  Garadapur - 90
  Paradeep - 88
  Parlakhemundi - 83
  Udala - 77
  Gotta Barrage - 73
  Jayapur - 70
  Bhuban - 70
  Nischintakoili - 70
  Berhampur  - 68
  Jaleswar - 64
  Purushottampur - 64
  Gopalpur - 63
  Kendrapara - 62
  Tirtol - 61
  Mohana - 60
  Belaguntha - 60
  Jenapur - 60
  Kantapada - 60
  Odagaon - 55
  Bhograi - 55
  Bonth - 54
  Chhatrapur - 54
  Niali - 54
  Kashinagar - 54
  Madhabarida - 52
  Balikuda - 50
  Salepur - 50
  Rajkanika - 50

At the current speed of tracking, the centre would cross land around noon Sunday.
From Sunday evening, tracking towards interior AP, South Odisha, then Chattisgarh and through Eastern Vidarbh into East MP...


sset said...

SWM was deficient in entire AP. Even now as NEM eludes, Rayalseema temperatures have soared to 38deg. Cyclone in AP/Orissa boarder however did not produce huge rains - like 300-400mm range (recent lows over NW India gave huge rains to over come deficiency in few spells)- however HUDHUD gave only max 100-150mm range. Hope it gives more rain to coastal AP rather than windy destruction.

Pradeep said...

SSET wait for Tomorrow. The rain figures are mind blowing.

Rajesh said...

Santosh from Kolkata sends this..

Rajesh said...

Gaurav gave this on face book:INCREDIBLE INDIA:
Three totally different colours of Indian climate at same time...
In north winter is already registered its presence with snow fall and decrease in minimum temperature....
In South East facing worst scenario with severe cyclone and extreme raining....
In west mercury is exited to touch 40c (real feel may be 42 or more)....
Really......INCREDIBLE INDIA..... — feeling hot.

sset said...

sure Pradeep - as of now we are waiting for NEM to arrive at TN/Rayalseema/Sri Lanka - 4 years of successive failure spells ecological disaster - u are expert for southern regions. By the way Hyderabad (450mm only since june) has not received any rain from HudHud cyclone - same with entire Telangana/Rayalseema - would have been good if strike would have been at TN/Rayalseema. What is your opinion with NEM?

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