Friday, October 03, 2014

Dussera Day time recorded Temperatures: Jaisalmer highest at 40.1c !!
Mumbai Colaba 33.4c, SantaCruz 35c., Pune 34/7c, Pune AP 34.1c, Delhi 37.0c, Kolkata 33.5c, 

An Easterly Wave just forming as mentioned....Wave will strengthen and move Westwards towards South TN....Vagaries Does not estimate any embedded Low as yet in the wave...

Port Blair recorded 93 mms in 9 hrs today. Kolkata DumDum measured 32 mms.

SWM withdrawal will move towards North Maharashtra next 2/3 days.

Dussera Forecast

Warm Dussera for Mumbai with 35c at SCruz and 33c at Colaba.
Pune around 32c, Can get a thundershower by evening.
Delhi NCR unusually hot at 37c, While Kolkata can again get the spotty local shower...but warm otherwise.
Bangalore will be better than these cities at 30c, but again, chance of a local shower in some parts by evening.

Chances of some light rains around central MP (Indore) and central Chattisgarh also.


Unknown said...

rajesh sir, it rained heavily in some parts of raigad districts with gusty winds accompanied by thunder and was a short storm. but whats your forecast about coming days as monsoon is withdrawing.

sset said...

In south usual Rayalseema - temperatures have soared - anatapur,rentachantala 37degrees. Only NEM (if it happens) can save...

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