Saturday, October 04, 2014

SWM Withdrawal Line....Monsoon Withdraws from Mumbai...5th October 2014.

As per our 2nd October Post..Quote"Chances of a UAC forming in the Arabian Sea are diminishing. 
A strong anti cyclone ( High) at sea and upper level will dominate and set in over the North Arabian Sea and Central and Western India.
High pressure will set in over the region North of 20N.
200 level jet streams are also setting in as Westerlies.
This will initiate withdrawal of South West Monsoon from Gujarat, MP, rest of UP and North Maharashtra very quickly, maybe within next 3 days."

Introductory Note on North East Monsoon Tomorrow..and the Situation this year...Will be put up by 11 pm IST


Abhijit Modak said...

Nashik recorded 6mm rainfall till 5.30pm today & temp drops to 21.6c at 5.30pm from max of 33.7c so drop by 12c in 2hrs !

sset said...

Will it be emulation of 2013 cyclone "Phalian" over Orissa? If this is the case high probability of NE monsoon failure over TN,Rayalseema,SE interior KAR. Again lurking fear of desertification persists with repeated NE monsoon failures and climate change. As it stands now Oct rain was almost zero for these areas.

sset said...

Bangalore tree cover 0.1 tree per person - extremely low. From 70% reduced to 12% area. Main reason for huge rain difference between BANG city(650mm) and BANG HAL(350mm) - rains are not widespread.

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