Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Notes for Saturday and Sunday Weather Report:

South West Monsoon has withdrawn from most regions except the Southern states.
North East Monsoon will set in by 19th October in the States of AP, Karnataka , TN and Kerala with simutaneous withdrawal of SWM from the country.

Chennai gets occasional showers on Saturday, with a slight increase in rainfall frequency on Sunday
Heavy rains in S.I.. Karnataka and region of Bangalore. As a UAC/Low forms off the Kerala coast on Sunday, Kerala too gets very heavy rains this weekend. Heavy showers expected in hilly ranges.

Low is expected to strengthen next week. Trough line today indicates a West/NW track....but the sustaining period not sure..
Mumbai :
Saturday and Sunday: Hot day with the maximum day temperatures at 36/37c. Nights will be warm around 27c.
Thundery developments in the East and SE. Possible thunder showers, brief and patchy in Eastern and more in South East outer townships. 
Rains expected in parts of ghats in Lonavala and Mahableshwar.

Pune: Partly cloudy weekend, with thundery developments, though weak. Patches of rain in Southern regions specially. Nights on Saturday and Sunday will be clea with fall in temperatures, registering 16/17c on Sunday morning.

Next WD approaching Northern Sub Continent and peaking around 23rd, as mentioned in Long Term forecast on Monday...more later.

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sset said...

Pavgada Tumkur district south interior Karnataka cross 40c today.

Forecast for Mumbai/Pune: Similar weather expected for Mumbai and Pune for Wednesday 17th April.  Mumbai: Hot daytime weather in Mumbai cit...