Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Morning ....Hudhud now Cat2, the landfall region, North Coastal Ap /Odisha Coast, must be warned to take full precautionary measures !!
Nature's wrath..or lets see it positively...Nature transfering Equatorial heat towards the Poles !!

Sudden intensification of Hudhud as it tracks NW....winds estimated at 85-90 mph or 136-145 kmph...very dangerous.Now located at 16N and 85.8E...look at the beautiful eye forming !..

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Unknown said...

rajesh sir, it is looking that monsoon willwithdraw from other parts of maharashtra immediately after 2-3 days of landfall.sir accu weather and other forecasterts are showing 40-50 mm rains between 18th to 22 nd october. is it true. sir please study it.and tell me your views.thanks in advance.

Posted on 21st March Morning

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