Friday, March 30, 2012

Yes ! It has started to "bake" as Satyen from Bharuch points out.
And Satyen, what more can I write? It was all there in the weekly forecast put up last Sunday (point No.3).

In Sindh (Pakistan) the predicted heat wave is on, with Lasbella recording 43c. Incidently the highest in Asia on Friday.
Nawabshah, Hyderabad, Moen jo Daro and Chorr were 42c. Sukkar sees a rise to 40c, and Karachi pre maturely heating up to 38c.

In India, Friday's highest was Chandrapur, Vidharbha (again, in Vagaries' predicted region) with 42.0c. Bhuj in Gujarat was at 41.7c Idar at 41.2c and Rajkot was 40.8c. 
Pune too fell in line with the forecast, dropping to 36.6c on Friday. 

Rains expected in Orissa and North coastal A.P. on the weekend. Bhubaneshwar could receive up to 15-20 mms.

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