Saturday, March 17, 2012

Akshay has put up his summer forecast for India. A technical version and a summarised version is put up. Check it on his blog here.

Vagaries' Sunday  Weekly  Forecast  for  the  week 19th March to  25th  March.

This week, on Monday,19th and Tuesday 20th, another W.D, (M-5) is to move through from Northern Pakistan into Kashmir and H.P.
Though slightly weak, we can expect rains in Kashmir and H.P. with snow on the higher hills of both states from Monday for a couple of days.
Rest of the week after the 21st will be dry for the Northern States.

As an aftermath, North winds will be strong in Western and Central India from Tuesday. Thus raising the day temperatures by a couple of degrees after Tuesday. However, nights on the other hand will drop by a couple of degrees in North and Cehtral India plains initially in the begining of the week.

A trough runs from Konkan to W.Bengal from Wednesday thru Friday. There will be no rains in the region, but the NW winds and S winds will converge along the line. 
Day temperatures will rise to 38/40c along the line (see vagaries' map).

Mumbai: Next Week will see steady day temperatures with no large unusual fluctuations. In fact, as N winds dominate from Tuesday, we may see days around 32/33c at S'Cruz., and even lower at 31c for Colaba. However, nights will be gearing up into the low 20s. 
Pune: Days hovering around 37c till mid week with the lows at 14/15c. After Wednesday we see the day temperatures rising a bit.

Delhi: With strong NW winds on Tuesday, we see the day time temperatures will be around 33c on Monday and Tuesday. NW winds will keep a steady temperature of 33/34c through this week.

Chennai: Winds will be from the South this coming week. Stronger S winds may prevail on Monday/Tuesday. Dry weather will keep the days in the 34/35c range.

Kathmandu; Prolonged M-3 effect in Kathmandu, with the capital getting rains again on Friday and drizzles on Saturday.
Again, no effect of M-5 over Nepal. Till Wed, the NW gusts in Plains of India may keep the weather pleasant with the days below 25c. 
Dry weather will see the day temperatures tending to rise after mid week. 

Karachi: Strong N winds will keep the day temperature moderate at 31c. After Tuesday, winds turn NE, and the desert winds will result in a rise in day temperatures to 34/35c from Tuesday.

Sukkar: Days will get to 36c or more after Wednesday as the winds from the N/NE blow from hot regions.
Some Interior Sindh regions or Balochistan cities to touch 40c by Tuesday/Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

is the line that runs across central India a high pressure ridge ?

Regards, Ananth

Rajesh said...

Ananth: I have mentioned along the line..its a "Trough"...where the winds meet..

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