Thursday, March 08, 2012

Huge Dust Devil on Mars Captured in Action..See Space News Page.

Ahmednagar's Beats own Record the next day, 8th March with a low of 7.3c !
And Pune is at 10.4c on 8th March, 5c below normal.

Another March Cold Record in Maharashtra:

By touching 7.4c, Ahmednagar recorded its lowest March temperature evr on Wednesday. 7th March 2012. (Point No.3 of Vagaries' Sunday's Weekly Forecast). The previous low was 7.5c recorded on 17th March 1980.

M-2 is approaching the northern regions of the sub-continent. On Saturday 10th, Would expect the W.D. to precipitate snow in the extreme Northern regions of Pakistan and rains in the Northern hills and plains of Pakistan. Could expect clouding to light rains in upper Sindh too.
Temperatures in Islamabad likely to fall on Saturday. 

Sindh is in a comfortable temperature range for this time of the year. With the highest around 32/33c. Sukkar is in the 28-11 range, very pleasant for this time. Likely to remain cloudy on Saturday. temperatures will be around 30c - 14c this week till M-2 moves away.

M-2 would move iinto Indian states of Kashmir, H.P. and Utteranchal on Sunday 11th. Likely to precipitate snow in the higher ranges and good rainfall in the lower hills of Kashmir and H.P. on Sunday. 

By Monday, the system would slide into Western Nepal and bring good rains/snow there. 
Kathmandu will get rains on Monday, 12th/Tuesday 13th, lowering the temperatures.

Westerly winds will continue to keep the day temperatures at the current levels in Gujarat and Konkan and Central regions of Mah.

With West winds, Mumbai will be around 32c in the day and 19c at night on Thursday/Friday and Saturday.

Strong winds raising a local sandstorm likely to lash Dubai on Sunday. Winds could be gusty.


Jiggy said...

Cool morning today, i.e. 8th March.

Rajesh said...

Jiggy: Thanks..low was 14c on 8th Morning.

Rohit said...

I heard from my family that it was super cold in Pune today morning. So again you were perfect on your forecast. Any thoughts @ how hot would be Summer & Monsoon?