Thursday, March 15, 2012

After M-3, in a surprise development, M-4 is moving into the Northern states of India. Though weak, M-4 is expected to precipitate rains and snow in Kashmir and Upper H.P. on Friday and Saturday.

Mumbai Day temperatures dropped from 37.5c on Wed to 35.5c at S'Cruz and substantially from 35.5c on Wed to 32c on Thursday at Mumbai Colaba. N winds in action. 
With the high pressure forming in the A.Sea, the NW winds stabilise on Friday, the day temperatures in Mumbai will go down a bit more. 
In fact, strong N winds on Sat and Sunday will keep the days around 32c on the weekend.

Dry for Chennai and S winds gain as the high forms in the Bay.

Highest in India on Thursday: Ramagundam and Kurnool at 38.8c.

Kathmandu received loght rains today, and that kept the day cool at 23.5c, and night dropping to 6.5c. M-4 is not expected to have any effect in Nepal.

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