Friday, March 09, 2012

M-2 becomes active, maybe a day earlier than schedule, and precipitates snow in H.P.  As M-2 moves away, M-3 trots in on Monday.

While Shimla saw a light spell of snowfall, upper areas like Kufri and Narkanda saw moderate snowfall. Manali, too, received mild snow.
The high hills in Lahaul and Spiti, Kinnaur, Kullu, Shimla and Chamba districts have been experiencing light to moderate snowfall since Thursday morning thru Friday.
The minimum temperature in Shimla was recorded at 1.7c, while the maximum was 10.7c.
Keylong  was the coldest place in the state where the minimum temperature was -11c. The town recorded three cm of snowfall.
Kalpa in Kinnaur district, which also recorded snow, saw a low of -4.2c, while it was -3.6c in Manali and 5.5c in Dharamsala.

In Kashmir, Gulmarg was coldest at -12c (-8c below normal), and Pahalgam shivered at -8.4c on Friday morning. Leh on Friday saw -7.4c.
Srinagar with 0c as the minimum saw 3.4 mms of rain on Friday  as the day's temperature topped 11c.

And, this weekend, Gulmarg is set and decking up for the "Gulmarg Winter Festival 2012". Ironically, The unique festival will see a mix of food, music and adventure from across the country this weekend, to conclude this year's winter season.

We also have colder than normal conditions prevailing down in the plains of India too. In Rajasthan, day temperatures were 8c below normal on Friday, with major cities like Udaipur and Kota rcording a day's high of 25c, 6/7c below normal. Jaipur was cool at 11c in the morning. M-3 clouding will raise the night temps from Monday.

It is a virtual cold wave in Central Maharashtra. With temperatures up to 10c below normal, like at Ahmednagar, we have below normal lows in Pune and Nasik, both which at 10.6c was 5 c below normal.
Even Mumbai at 16.5c on Friday morning, is 4c below normal along the coast, Ratnagiri was unusually cold at 15c (7c below normal) on Friday morning.

The IMD max and minimum temperature anomaly map of 9th March shows most of India below normal in the day. Things seem to be quite cool for this time of the year, with the "Below Normal" hue spreading over most of the peninsula and Northern region. 

The day and nights  in Rajasthan and coastal Konkan regions show an abnormally cooler trend.  The higher minimums are struggling to move Northwards from the Southern most areas of the peninsula.

Across the border, a cool trend is observed in Sindh and Punjab(Pakistan) regions. Karachi is at 11c on Friday morning, with Sukkar seeing 13c. In Balochistan, the normally hotspot Sibi, was at 6c as the low on Friday morning. Islamabad measured 4c today.

City forecasts for Saturday and Sunday:

Delhi: things change for Delhi on Sunday, 11th. March. For a day, as the winds turn from the current NW to a SE direction, day will get warm (around 27c) with light clouds. But winds should revert back to NW by Tuesday.

Mumbai will continue to get NW winds on the weekend. Saturday  will be 31c and Sunday maybe a degree more. and both Sat/Sun nights will be at 17/18c.Saturday morning will drop a bit to 15c at S'Cruz and 18c at Colaba.  Winds could revert to Easterlies on Wednesday, 14th. More of that on sunday's weekly forecast.

Pune: It will be cold in the night with Saturday morning showing 10/11c  and Sunday morning reading 13c. Days will be around 31/32c both the days.

Bangalore: A weak "local" UAC could form over S.I. Karnataka on Sunday. Some clouding and overcast weather for the city on Sunday.

Bharuch: I think the Friday's range in Bharuch could be 31c and 16c. For Saturday I see the temperatures at 31c and 16c and Sunday a degree warmer.

Karachi: With dry gusty winds in the evening, Friday was windy with low humidity. 
The temperature range of 31 - 11c will be and Saturday morning will be a bit warmer at 13c, as winds will be strong in the evening from W/SW direction.

Sukkar: will see the cooling effect this weekend as M-2 moves away. Days will be a bit better at 28c on Saturday and Sunday morning will be cool at 13c.Weekend will be below normal for this time of the year. Monday will see the next system, M-3, bringing clouds.

A dust/sand storm would blow over Dubai on Saturday. Nights will be around 15c.


Neeraj said...

How about Kathmandu forecast ?
And is 35C at this time of year still 6-7 C below normal for cities in Rajasthan ?

Rajesh said...

Neeraj: It was a typo error, it should read 25c ! Thanks for pointing out. Shall put up Kathmandu on Sunday, as I see M-3 working its way into the city next week.

Anonymous said...

Bang on about the min today. 16.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me - from Bharuch - Satyen

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