Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mumbai Forecast
The dust cloud gets thinner on Thursday, and visibility will improve ( more than 2 kms ) as the winds change direction. 
Current visibility @ 10.00 pm is 1.8 kms.

Thursday: Day temperature will be around 34/35c and night ( Thursday Morning low) will be 20c. Winds will divert slightly to NE position and will see a nominal rise in day's heat as humidity level remains low. Dust cloud visibility will improve from Wednesday's situation.
Friday: As NE winds continue, the day temperature will rise to 36c, and dry heat will be felt.
Saturday/Sunday: Hot dry winds get stronger, and the day's heat increases to 37/38c. Low  (night) temperatures will be around 22c on the weekend. 

Thursday/Friday: days will be in the current range of 37c, with nights still having the slight nip, being low at 15/16c.
Saturday/Sunday : Could see some warming up, specially the nights get warmer to around 18c.

Nagpur: Touched a high of 40.6c today. Expecting the days to remain around the 40/41c mark next few days.

The trough explained in the weekly forecast (Sunday Post) will keep the region marked in "pink" warm this weekend.

The Thai map shows the trough embedded with a weak low. 
Clouds will "pop up" in S.I. Mah and Interior Karnataka. Some isolated thunder possible on the weekend in this region.

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emkay said...

DNA newspaper on front page said North Easterly winds were reponsible for Dust in Mumbai, and they cite IMD on this revelation !!

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