Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Continuing from Sunday's weekly Forecast...
Two days into the week, and we see things moving totally in tune with our weekly forecasts.
M-3 moved into Nepal after precipitating rains and snow in Kashmir, H.P. and parts of Utteranchal.
In H.P, Shimla and Manali received mild snowfall early Tuesday. Shimla's commercial centre Mall Road, the Ridge, the US Club and Jakhu hills received snowfall, while lower areas of the town experienced rain.

Kufri and Narkanda have experienced moderate snowfall. Manali also received snowfall. High-altitude areas of Lahaul and Spiti, Chamba, Mandi, Kullu, Kinnaur also had snow on Tuesday.
Higher reaches of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand on Tuesday received snowfall, while the lower areas experienced light to moderate rains.The higher reaches of Garhwal, including Badrinath, Kedarnath and Yamunotri, received snowfall.
In Kumaon region, Munsiary and Dharchula experienced snowfall. 
The state capital Dehra Dun also received light showers. 

Kathmandu was cloudy and got the Tuesday rains, and with the day at 21c, down from 27c, it was cool with the nights "clouding up" to 11.7c. Actually its difficult to get the right forecast for this Himalayan Capital.
Expecting to clear up and see a drop in  night temperatures.

Delhi too was following its schedule with drizzles on Monday night/Tuesday morning. And with a marginal fall in the day from 30c to 27c (in spite of the political heat), it was better off. Night temperature on Tuesday morning was 15c (16c was forecasted).
Forecast for next few days expected to tow the line as mentioned in the weekly forecast.

Mumbai: At it again. Showed its fluctuation, with the day shooting up to 34c (forecasted 35/36c) on Tuesday. 
A reader actually  Mailed me  to ask "why fluctuate Temperatures this week? Its very confusing". Not able to correctly get his meaning though .-:)). 
As explained in the weekly forecast, this rise was a result of the NE winds which dominated most of the day on Tuesday. Tuesday morninf saw a low of 19c (forecasted 19/20c). 
No change in the outlook for Wed/Thursday.

Pune: Refused to give in to the 2 day warming tendency, seen all around. Day's high was stuck at 34c (36c expected) and the night stubbornly at 12.8c (16c). Lets see if Pune wants to go its own way next 2 days or tow vagaries' line  -:))

Bangalore: Clouds have appeared over the city, with light drizzles.

Chennai: Got its rain on Monday, but much below expectations. Only 1.6 mms. Elsewhere in the state, Nagapatinam got 2 cms and Pamban 1cm. Forecast hold good for Wed/Thursday.

Bharuch: And I expected Gujarat to be difficult ! Bit no, Bharuch was 34c (estimated ) on Tuesday, a sure rise from Sunday. Should get cooler from Thursday.

An interesting observation between Mumbai and Bangalore for the last 1 month.
3 Cities' Average Temperatures (Day/Night combined) from 10 February to 10 March:  
Bangalore: Normal Average:24.6c,  Actual Temperature was 25.7c
Mumbai 10 feb to 10 mar : Normal Average:25.4c.  Actual was 24.3c.
Ratnagiri :Normal Average: 25.7c. Actual Temperatures: 24.6c. ( This city details put up to justify any delay in our favourite Alphonso Mango arrivals).

Karachi: Though the city did see strong SW winds from the evening on Tuesday, did not expect the day to rise to 31c. Was expecting 29c at the most. And nights were also higher at 16c.

Sukkar: The city saw its light rains on Monday, and the day temperature is maintained at 29c as expected (30c was forecasted). However, nights are marginally higher at 15c (against 13c) due to lingering clouds.
Highest in the interiors of Balochistan and Sindh is still at 32.5c at Mirpurkhas.


Neeraj said...

Difficult indeed.because for mountainous region, rainfall differs from valley to valley, ridge to ridge. one valley may get torrential downpour while adjacent valley may be dry.The same weather system behaves differently for nearby places. I have shared this earlier too, but it is quite and interesting observation: the town of Pokhara is one of the wettest places in nepal( yearly avge rainfall 3200mm), while 50 KMs areal distance away, the town of Jomsom is the driest place (yearly avge rainfall 133 mm) here due to rain shadow effect.

Anonymous said...

Windy conditions forecast for us for tmw - would that mean further cooling by couple of degrees? - Satyen

Rajesh said...

Satyen:I estimate Bharuch to be around 35c presently. With NW winds, expect the day temperature to be slightly lower, say between 33/34c next 2 days.

  25th March Evening  Let's Appreciate when the Air Quality is Good