Thursday, March 29, 2012

Point No:3 of Sundays' Vagaries' Weekly Forecast: "Thursday,29th and Friday 30th, could see persisting heat and hot temperatures bringing almost heat wave conditions in Cenral Sindh, parts of Saurashtra and Gujarat region (including Bharuch) and Vidharbha."

Ashokbhai confirms the heating up of Saurashtra region as is also seen in this IMD map. Rajkot (Saurashtra) reaches 41.1c on Thursday, while Chandrapur (Vidharbha) reaches 42.1c. I would estimate Bharuch to have touched 40.5c today (Thursday).
In Sindh (Pakistan), it was Mithi and Chorr at 39c as the highest.
Going as per our Weekly estimated range.

Delhi saw a high of 33c today, as as expected, should shoot up into the 36 range from Saturday.
Pune was stubbornly at 38.7c Thursday.

Mumbai:Expecting the Mumbai humidity to reach 85% as forecasted on Friday morning with misty and hazy conditions. 

Kathmandu is in the 30-11c range.

Point No: 2: The projected trough was present thru this week and now, has adjusted into a slightly more NE/SW position. It runs from M.P.thru Mah and Karnataka into the Arabian Sea on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

has the first summers showers started in southern peninsula ?
i could see clouding near trivandrum
regards, Ananth

Anonymous said...

Tell us about it! We're getting BAKED!! Satyen

Anonymous said...

The summer showers are essential for the south variety of mangoes............. Satyen

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