Friday, March 02, 2012

Today’s Martian Weather: Partly Cloudy....See Superb Mars Clouds Pic on Space News Page.

Friday, 2nd March Morning lows in Mah./Karnataka:

Belgaum 8.4c (-10c), Pune  8.8c (- 6c), Nasik 9.1c (-5c), Ratnagiri 14.4c (-7c), Mumbai S'Cruz  15.5c ( -4c), Panjim (Goa)  16.8c (-5c) .

FAQ: Will our Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes ripen and arrive on Time ??

Dust/sand raising winds expected again on Saturday/Sunday in Dubai..could go upto 55-60 kmph.


emkay said...

So this winter has also passed of without an WD dipping deep down into West and gifting few drizzles to Mumbai !!

Saurabh said...

The day time high in Belgaum was 36(+3) followed by nigh time low 8(-10).
That is an impressive range.

Pavan said...

Belgaum ap 7.7, belgaum city 7.2 khanapur 6.8, sirsi 9.3 low of karnataka cold wave may be near by areas like gadhinglaj, chandgad radhanagari nippani may be lower than these

junaid said...

there has been no significant clouding for a long tymm in mumbai!!!!!llast one was wen tht mid novembor system ditched us for the oman coast,,,this winter the sky was almost cloudless throut the season.....@rajesh plz explain me how coastal nd interior karnataka ,kerala receive convective showers,,,,while mumbai fails to receive any summer showers during may,,,also the konkan region is mostly dry during may in contrast to costal krntaka!!!

Jiggy said...

High winds in Dubai since last evening.

Rajesh said...

junaid:last clouding in Mumbai was on 18th and 19th Jan. Just about 50% clouded sky.
To answer the question as to why coast below the Karnataka region gets more rain in May, we have to go technical. But in short, the cross equatorial winds initiate from the southern tip of India, and as the cross equatorial winds pick up,the warm Arabian Sea tends to form convective cloudings. This normally starts from the south, even below the indian land mass.