Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Situation as at 10 am IST Tuesday, AS-4, almost at cyclone status with winds at 35 knts. Located at 15.8N and 66.8E, mid way in the Arabian Sea between Oman and India. Moved NW.

Please notice the Sat. image showing a developing eye near the mentioned centre. Image of 10.00 am IST Tuesday. See here

Chances of Rain for Mumbai from AS-4…See Mumbai Page


Anonymous said...

if you see the visible satellite image then the eye is very clearly visible but in IR its almost invisible! why is it so?


junaid said...

its highly depressing to see mumbai santacruz max at 36.8 c ,,,,the whole northern hemisphere will cool,,,but mumbai is getting scorched,,,also the west coast max temps stretching from thiruvananthapuram to veraval were quite comfortable in contrast to our scorching mumbai:( :( sumone shud control this ne monsoon throwing its waste system near our area and heating us without giving any rain!!!37 is just too much nd that too with increased humidity

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true...Mumbai was just too unbearable...hope the weather gods will have pity on it..!!!

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