Saturday, November 12, 2011

1. BB-10 ! Vagaries' estimated 3rd and final (for November) system from the Bay is born.
Yesterday we discussed of a low brewing in the Andaman Sea. A "low level circulation" has formed around the Islands, and is given the status of 97B by NRL. It is just around 1008 mb today (Saturday) evening. BB-10 will build up slowly and travel westwards for now.

2. The low off the SW of Sri Lanka has dissipated. Nothing can be expected of it now. Rainfall will be subdued in the Southern Peninsula states next few days. Weak phase continues for the NEM.

3. Kathmandu had cloudy weather on Saturday with traces of rainfall. There will be light rainfall on Sunday also, with the day's high estimated at around 22c and a low of 13c.

4. With no W.D. in sight, dry and cold weather is expected in Northern and NW India. NW winds have started cooling the NW region, and expect nights to get cooler in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and West U.P.
Expected lows in next 2 nights,
Chandigarh: 12/13c, Amritsar: 10/11c and Delhi 12/13c.

Dry weather expected in Pakistan. Cool NW winds will bring down the temperatures in the plains and Upper Sindh regions.

5. Mumbai position : Forecast v/s actual in bracket.

Saturday: 34c - 20c : (35-20)

Sunday: 32/33c - 19c N/W winds in the evening.

Monday: 32c - 19c.

6. Pune was at a low of 14c on Saturday (estimate 13c). Though the day was high at 33c, I expect another cool night and Sunday morning should see 12/13c.

Hottest in India on Saturday was Akola (Maharashtra) at 36.1c. Surat (Gujarat) was a fraction behind at 36.0c.

Hottest in Asia on Saturday was Makkah at 37c.


Pavan said...

Whether int mah and ni karnataka wil see temp below 10 deg dis nov, mod coldwave condn are seen in int karnataka

junaid said...

@rajesh i am not at all surprised to see makkah in the hottest place!!!! Been to this holy city many tyms and most of the tyms its blistering hot,,,,,it is said of deserts that they cool down during night,,,but most of saudi arabian deserts are not like that,,,,they retain the warmth even during night during the hot months between june -mid sept,,,,if a person is travelling in a non ac car during these months he can experience the harshness of the climate.i have memories where the minimum in riyadh was 36 c...and the eastern provinces are the worst ,,,,heat and humidity (sumtyms the rel humidity is even 100%) wich takes the heat index to 55 -65 c

sset said...

Myself surprised none of the weathermen in "indianweathermen blog spot" have raised concern over Andhra Pradesh serious drought situation.

Severe drought hits Andra. As told in Business Standard.

With failed SWM and almost negligible NEM has brought Andhra to drought. It is high time our scientist study change in climate pattern over India - Southern states are facing more dry periods while western states like Maharastra, Gujarat, Rajisthan,MP are becoming more wet and rainy. In fact if NEM fails to revive then TN will be next state to join AP in drought list - of course our neighbour SriLanka will also have same drought impact.

Andhra drought situation alarming / BSCAL August 29,1997

Andhra Pradesh revenue minister T Devender Goud yesterday termed the drought condition in the state as alarming saying that the rainfall deficit so far was 37 per cent. After a review of the drought condition at a high level meeting here, Goud said 274 mandals were facing drought conditions due to monsoon failure. All necessary steps to provide relief to the farmers, he said. Sowing operations in paddy fields were affected and were less than 50 per cent. Transplantation took place in 10.27 lakh hectares against the usual 26.18 lakh hectares. Agricultural operations were taken up in 28.37 lash hectares as against the normal 53.55 lakh hectares for dry crops, he said. The state has released Rs 32 crore for the supply of drinking water and seeds and instructed all district collectors to release the amounts allocated to them under various welfare schemes, including employment assurance scheme (EAS) for the drought affected areas, he said. Goud said Mahboobnagar district in Telangana was the worst hit with 52 mandals receiving scanty rainfall followed by Guntur (34) and Chittoor (31). There was absolutely no rainfall in 28 mandals across the state. Asked if the state would declare some of the mandals as drought hit, Goud said though there was no proposal yet, as it was the middle of monsoon seasion, We are taking all steps to provide relief to the affected people. The main complaints were about lack of drinking water, shortage of fodder and employment and the collectors were asked to release funds to tackle the contingencies, he said. There was good rain in the past two days in 15 districts though it was very late for sowing operations, Goud said, adding that the next cabinet meeting would discuss the number of mandals to be declared as drought affected. The south-west monsoon covered the state between June 1 and 18 and was very sporadic, scanty and widely scattered and left a dry spell till recently, hampering the agricultural operations, he added.

Pavan said...

@Sset, if u r a regular readr f any f d weathr site in india thn thy r concrnd with thr regn r provnce nly and if u c d previous cmts n vagaries u wil ntc that many ppl like anant has askd rajesh sir abt hs concern to nly mah, guj and nearby regns, and its nt posble 2 any 1 to kp trak on widr regns, it s posble f some individual frm tht regn shuld make cmt r b intrstd n weathr relatd sites, r any of the AP govt r NGO shuld provde d data like fr example the neighbourng kar state s also facng sever drought in 8 to 10 dis if u r int then pls vst d site, d statistcs provided r excelent in future ppl like us shud volentary sprt rajesh sir, pradip etc.

Rajesh said...

sset: The report and clipping is not relevent to this year's rainfall. Is it this years ?

Neelakanthapuram Raghuveera Reddy is the Minister for Revenue Department.

During the 2011 SWM, - Quote from Annual SWM report "Some of the states which experienced flood situations are West Bengal, Bihar,
Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu &
Kashmir, Maharashtra, Goa, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and

2011 SWM rainfall shows: Telangan as -12%, Rayalseema as -4% and Coastal A.P. as -7% deficient. I dont think this would call for a drought situation.

Rajesh said...

junaid:Thanks for sharing your experience.very interesting.

Posted 31st Night: Mumbai weather expected this week in city. 1st Feb - 4th February  Windy evenings, Hazy warm days and just about comfort...