Wednesday, November 09, 2011

AS-3 is almost stationary at 15.8N and 58.5E since the last 6 hrs, having moved very marinally a bit Northwards. As expected, it has weakened a bit to 1000 mb with winds at 30 knts. Vagaries expects further weakening as the system moves N/NW.

N-2 gets active in the North India:

Higher reaches of the Kashmir Valley, including those surrounding the Gulmarg resort (4.6 mms), received snowfall while parts of the region recorded light to moderate rains on Wednesday. Kashmir's Kupwara town recording the maximum 19.2 mm rainfall.
The Srinagar-Leh national highway, connecting the frontier Ladakh region with the rest of the state, was today closed for traffic following heavy snowfall at Zojilla Pass and Gumri.

The minimum temperature in Gulmarg on Wednesday was -2.3c, while Pahalgam received 1.6 mms with the minimum at 2.6c.
Srinagar had light rain today with the day's high at 12.5c and the low at 5.2c.
Srinagar received 1.1 mm rainfall and the tourist resort of Pahalgam received 1.6 mm rainfall.

As mentioned, N-2 effect was also felt in Pakistan, with some rain in Balochistan and Northern regions. Quetta got 6 mms, hill station Muree had 9 mms , Islamabad 6 mms overnight and traces of rain today in the day, with the temperature in the range of 24-13c.
Karachi was cloudy and hazy today, with the hight at 31c.Skies will start clearing by tomorrow evening(Thursday).The AS-3 clouding could bring light rainfall in the interiors of lower Sindh regions on Thursday.

N-2 was expected in Pakistan till Wednesday, and has moved away eastwards.

Nepal is enjoying fair and dry weather with winter temperatures taking a slow grip. Kathmandu was 27c today (Wednesday), with the night at a chilly 8.7c. Dadeldhura was in the 21-9c range today.
N-2 effect will be felt with light precipitation around Kathmandu during the weekend.

Seeing a relatively dry period for the next 4/5 days for T.N./Karnataka/Kerala regions. Unfortunately, the expected low (Vagaries November forecast) did not form. Do not see any meaningfull rains in the South next 4/5 days.

However, a low is forming just SW of Sri Lanka at 5N. May not deepen much, but will bring precipitation to Sri Lanka and extreme Southern India tip by the weekend.

Could this become the system estimated to emerge in the Arabian Sea?(Mentioned in Vagaries' November forecast for a system to form around 12th).

ALASKA WEST COAST TO BE HIT BY ONE OF THE MOST SEVERE BERING SEA STORMS ON RECORD... A 943mb storm roars into Alaska tearing off roofs, sends rushing water through coastal communities

It’s a record breaking weather event…for detailed report see Mark’s Blog.


emkay said...

is N.E.M over ?

Anonymous said...

when will winter arrive in mumbai..its too hot...

Anonymous2 said...

@Anonymous, winter is on it's way to Mumbai, the last one heard it had reached Northern Mah., winter sees which people really want it there, it looks like folks in Mumbai don't want winter. One particular gentleman wants more rain and is angry that the systems are not coming over Mumbai - with the argument that crops need more rain in November!!

Winter feels bad when it sees such thoughts. Summer on the other hand just walks in uninvited and stays on.

I will call myself 'Anonymous2' just so we can differentiate otherwise readers will read 'Anonymous' replying to 'Anonymous' and then things will look like 'Karthik calling Karthik'

junaid said...

@anonymous 2 ,,,now that gentleman has changed his thoughts!!!!!! :) :):) :) i dnt want to make winter angry ,,,,in fact its been only 4 years since i came to live at panvel,,,in riyadh saudi arabia,,,,,the winter temps used to go sub zero sumtyms,,, i knw tht mumbai wont experience such temps!!! In fact i crave for heavy rains coz they bring down the temps!!!!! But now the wait for rains has been too long!!!! The NE monsoon is also in weak phase!!! Now i just hope that the cooler northwesterlies shud arrive as early as possible!!! May be after this WD passes ,,,we may get the desired cooler weather!!!:) :)

Rajesh said...

emkay:No, just subdued..waiting for the evasive low off T.N....
anonymous:feel nights should drop by a degree or 2 soon..see the temperature estimate put up a few days ago for Mumbai
anonymous2:you sound familiar,please come out of anon and introduce yourself.

Pavan said...

@Anon2, the cmts made on dis blog are just nature lovers and they enjoy the weather with the calender pl don't critisze any1 if u realy want to then u mention ur and d othr person in particular so that ppl wil nt hinder to make cmt on dis excelnt blog hope u gt my point and iam pavan frm pune

sset said...

Probably myself wish to add few points- Let us keep this blog "technical" ofcourse sometimes humour is also good - AN <-> AN2 fight?? AN2 is same person as "lower parel"???

Rajesh has created this blog more like a knowledge base for near realtime weather report, we all should be thankful to Rajesh for this. I wish we all should learn from this blog. Many of us (probably I feel) may not understand all terminologies keeping in account we may belong to different sectors - myself from IT. We require links covering weather terminologies explainations, various models and others.

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