Monday, November 14, 2011


Dry winds from the E till the late afternoon, delayed the NW sea breeze from setting in early. This pattern is persisting since last 3 days.

Hence warm inland winds till 3 pm shot up the day temperature in Mumbai. Unusual winds blowing from land to sea all along the Northern region of the West coast/Konkan coast kept the humidity low, and the temperature high.

Resultantly, Mumbai S'Cruz at 36.3c, managed to become the hottest city in Asia on Monday. The highest in Asia on 14th November ! The mercury shot up to 36.3c at S'Cruz, 35.2c at Colaba. The other hot places along the coast were Veraval (Gujarat) 36.0c, Surat was 35.6c on Monday.

Some clouding (alto cumulus/strato-cumulus) could be expected in Mumbai on Tuesday, as a result of the excessive above normal temperatures.Day will be at 34c, slightly lesser temperature, but a bit more humid.

BB-10 weakened a bit to 1010 mb with 15 knts wind. It has moved due west and has passed the Andaman islands and is at 12.4N AND 89E.

An effective W.D, N-3, is expected to reach Pakistan’s Northern regions by 17th/18th November.

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