Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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The Monday IMD anomoly maps show great above normal tendency in both Max. and Min. temperatures throughout India.

Hottest in Asia on Tuesday, 15th November: Veraval (Gujarat, India) : 37.1c. In Pakistan Mithi was highest at 35.5c.

Divergence of winds to NE and high pressure ridge firm on Central India causing higher day temperatures below the 25N line.

BB-10 stationary at 12.4N and 89E, still weakish with no firm cloud bands. Needs a 'energy push" to strenghten the system.

Mark' Blog:

While Greeks shiver, UK may be on track for Warmest November on record, hot on heels of record warm October! North Wales was 8C above normal while Athens was 10C below normal on Sunday

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