Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Mumbai Colaba scraps thru as the 2nd hottest place in Asia on Saturday (19th) with the day at a sizzling 36.0c. A hot weekend for Mumbai estimated for Mumbai (Vagaries' had put up 36/37c ) is taking shape (sorry Junaid), and as expected, the Mumbai temperatures for week end till Monday will be 36/37c.
A bit of relief was the 18c at night in S'Cruz and not so comfortable 23c as the minimum in Colaba.

The temperature at S'Cruz was 35.3c. It was hot, and were several 35s along the West coast on Friday.Ratnagiri was 35.9c and Surat 35.0c.

However the highest in Asia on Saturday,19th was Karwar (India) and Pattaya (Thailand) at 37c.
The NE winds along the west coast is turning towards the east now. (See earlier blog for this). Expect 36/37 along the North Konkan coast on Sunday/Monday.

BB-10, the low has fizzled out. A UAC is likely to form off the South T.N./Sri lanka coast around the 22nd. Meaningful rains likely in Sri Lanka and South T.N. from 22nd. Shall keep posting developments on Vagaries.


junaid said...

@rajesh,,,although the max temp at colaba was 36,,, but at panvel it was lower,,,shud be close to the max temp of santacruz or may be lower than it,,,in fact i was feeling today that the vagaries predicted cooling from tuesday has already started from today,,,,anyways the cool minimums are a releif from the heat!!!

junaid said...

the region around karwar has shown an increasing trend in temps according to imd,,,,last year karwar has recorded 41 cm ina single day wich has flooded the river kali,

sset said...

This year seems to be weak/weakest of all NEM - bypass all weather models (above average / strong NEM).

Rajesh said...

junaid:with the nights dropping , Sunday was 19.5c at S'cruz and 23.5c at colaba, the diff in day/night is more. Hence the actual feel is a bit better even when the max rises to 36c.
sset: correct. Vagaries had predicted a weak start in the oct forecast, and moderate to average for nov forecast.

RK said...

The Fog was so dense here in delhi today like what is seen in dec-jan.
Foggy start of winters for north :)

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