Friday, September 02, 2011

AS-2 seems to be fizzling out..and the remnant lingers on as a "big" low connected to the seasonal low (Mentioned in vagaries a few days ago).

BB-5 is very much there over M.P. And at 998 mb, is precipitating rain around its region in North Mah, Vidharbha, M.P and Chattisgarh.

S2 is moving east from N.Pakistan into India.
As the monsoon axis is south of normal, running thru Gujarat, North Mah and Chattisgarh, the easterlies above the axis are strong. The region to the north of the axis is dry and even hot.

Forecast for Weekend (Saturday,3rd /Sunday,4th).

As the easterlies will interact with S2, we can see some rains in North Pakistan, North India and Delhi and the hills of H.P. For the Northern areas, weekend rains may add up to 25-40 mms at mmost stations. Nepal will be status quo, almost dry.

Rains decreasing in Interior Maharashtra, M.P. and Vidharbha.

Saurashtra region to receive heavy rains, and some areas of South Gujarat.Cumulative rains up to 40-75 mms at most places for the weekend.

Delhi could get some rain this weekend along with areas in Punjab.
Coastal Mah. and Karnataka will see rains 40-75 mms at places cumulative on sat/Sun.

Adjoining Southern Sindh coast of Pakistan can recieve weekend rains.
Karachi will be almost dry on Saturday and Sunday, but will see some rain gathering by Monday. A thundershower possible on Monday, with rain amount up to 15-20 mms.


Saturday: Partly cloudy with 4/5 showers, not prolonged. Some could be heavy. Sunny in the period between showers. Rain amount upto 30 mms.

Sunday: Partly cloudy and sunny with a few heavy showers. Rain amount 25 mms.

Pune: Saturday/Sunday: Cloudy with light rains. Rain amount not more than 5 mms /day.


Anonymous said...

Rajeshbhai, Sat could be much heavier....................potey

svt said...

Mcgm site showing 40mm rains at santacruz for last 24hrs & looking at forecast we could get another 50mm in next 24hrs. Its been raining steadily since morning with couple of thunder also.

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