Monday, September 05, 2011


With constant support and feeback from readers, the Vagaries' visitor counter has crossed the 100,000 mark! It may be a normal thing for professionals and institutions, but for a small time blogger like me, it's a big thing, from 50000 in December 2010 to 1,00,000 today.
Constant interaction with friends and readers, has helped me in bringing Vagaries to its present international status.

My theory has always been to put in proper facts by explaining them in the simplest form.

Each prediction has been, as far as possible, supported by charts and reasoning. Its always prudent for a meteorologist to explain and not just prophesise. Things may eventually fall in place or go either way. Like I said, I am a meteorologist, not a magician.

Vagaries has constantly kept you updated with extreme records and events. When we started our 'Interactive' page, the inputs from readers were very helpful, and a variety of information and pictures became possible.

Our Partner, Mark Vogan, has contributed tremendously towards the popularity of Vagaries. His constant support, and a permanent page on his blog, made his readers from Europe "aware" of Vagaries.

Special inputs from Cmdr. Potey, Akshay, and svt has added more substance to the matter and contributed to Vagaries' popularity. Shiraz, your inputs of "buckets" of rain in Mahableshwar, and the rain figures, has drenched us with valuable information from head to toe!
Akshay, thanks for putting up a special write up on your blog.
NT, your cross-examining has kept me alert. And, without Ashokbhai's expertise, my forecasting would be a "half-hearted attempt".
Neeraj and Tyrone's constant input and feedback from Kathmandu and Karachi has given Vagaries the proper sub-continent touch. PWP, our exchange of views has benefited both.
Max, has always touched up my records, and kept the inflow of record breaking temperatures and events coming, from Thailand and elsewhere.
Emkay, your touch of humour and comments has many a times had me re-reading my blog!
And of course sset, let me admit, I cannot bring or carry the rains to the South India.

Pradeep, I feel, with your superb inputs and rain totals, readers are now waiting more for this than the actual Vagaries write up.

Special thanks from Vagaries to: Akshay (Nagpur), Ananth, Ashokbhai (Rajkot), Atul, Cmdr. Potey (Mumbai), emkay (Panvel), Ganesh, Jayesh, Jim (Accuweather), Junaid (Panvel), Mark Vogan (Scotland), Max (Thailand), Neeraj (Nepal), Pakistan Weather Portal, Pavan (Pune), Pradeep (Chennai), RK (Delhi), Sanjay (Mumbai), Shiraz (Mahabaleshwar), Shridhar (Thane), svt, sset, Tyrone (Karachi) and a host of other "anonymous" readers who have supported and guided Vagaries regularly with very valuable inputs.

I appreciate the "likes" from my "fb" friends..

And above all, thanks to everyone for allowing me to feel that you actually trust my forecasting -:)))


nita said...

Really Cool!
You Did It!
Way to go!
Great Work!

svt said...

@Rajesh Congrats. I have been following your blog for last 3 years now and it has got better by long way. Whatever little I know about meteorology is mostly by reading your blog. Its important to know that u r not qualified meteorologist but ur knowledge regarding weather is second to none. Last few months readers of this blog has increased a lot and its just matter of time b4 mainstream media comes to know about your great work. Imd have lot of catching up to do. Keep up the good work, its only a begining. THANKS ;)

Tyrone said...

I can't tell you how much I have learned in the last two years about the weather thanks to your blog, Rajesh and your patience in answering my silly questions. And I still have a long long way to go and consider my self as not even an amateur. Sadly, though we only get any significant weather during the summer months and that too sometimes hardly anything, like this year. Nevertheless your blog keeps me alive :)

Pavan said...

Thank u sir i wish vagaries to serve the meterological society with ur valuable and prudent forecast for ages to come

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rajesh, we readers immensely enjoy reading your blog. An integral part of our daily routine

Regards, Ananth

Vishal said...

Congrats Rajesh. its always informative to readh your blog. Keep up the great work Sir.

svt said...

Dwarka yesterday got 30cm of rain and it looks like heavy rain will continue in coastal regions of kutch & sindh for next 24 hrs as low has deepned. Mumbai (scz) might get 50mm of rains in next 12 hrs. Good thing is that Gauri-Ganpati visarjan might be complete by that time. :)

Ashish said...

Dear Rajesh

I have been a frequent visitor of your blog and have not only found it accurate most of the time but also very informative and interesting. Also, as a fellow blogger, I also know how difficult it is to update a blog so regularly. Your passion & commitment is really inspiring!

Please keep up the good work!

Rajesh said...

nita: Thanks.
svt: Thanks.I think I'll stick to my forecast put up yesterday for Mumbai and Western Saurashtra.
Ashish: Thanks, and sorry i missed out your name in the been away for some time?Are you from Mumbai ?

Neeraj said...

Congrats. most of the time you are spot on, more accurate than any other source i can think of.. and you were spot on this time too, in yesterdays blog you predicted some rain here and rain it is here now..

SANJAY said...

Thanks Rajesh fo your efforts. With the number of ships I have plying in the AS and BOB, I can say I have been guided always and saved numeruos time from the "Vagaries..." by the "Vagaries...".

God be with you and bless you,
Sanjay Vijan+

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rajesh! I read ur blog regularly and thoroughly impressed by your in-depth knowledge about weather phenomena. All the best,

JM said...

hoping that it will touch 1 million cooming days
Jayesh Mehta(JM)

emkay said...

Maddening rains in Panvel. Shocking to see relatively clear Mumbai on Radar. Have no doubt Panvel must be there in the list of max. aggregators this season. Last 5 years I have been here, this season is the topper. Sunlight received from June must be not more than 8-10 hrs total.

svt said...

As per MCGM site Deonar got 55mm rains, Hindmata got 35 in last 12 hrs whereas other stations got hardly any. More like erratic end of season rains. In Kutch Bhuj got 160mm btw 8.30 am to 8.30pm yesterday.

Ron said...


Rajesh said...

Thanks Ron, Shazia and Jayesh. Thanks for your support.

Outlook for next week till Thursday 29th February: Temperatures expected to rise across Maharashtra and Gujarat. Chance of thunderstorms for...