Thursday, September 22, 2011

It Turns Out Some Borders *Are* Visible from Space…Something Unusual, and a must for India and Pakistan Viewers….See Space News Page.

According to the latest 5.30 pm (Thursday) report of IMD, BB-8 is now a depression, and is situated just off Balasore (Orissa) coast. IMD announces possibility of system crossing the Orissa coast on Thursday night.

Two points I am not able to understand: BB-8 shows core winds of between 10-20 knts. Depression at 15 knts ??
And NRl, which shows systems in the sea, has withdrawn 92A (BB-8) from Thursday morning. Meaning, aaccording to NRL, system has crossed the coast.

A ridge level has formed at 200 hpa level along the 23N position. This has caused a negative wind shear of 10 knts. On this basis, BB-8 should move NNE, and enter Orissa and move into adjoining W.Bengal. On inter acting with land, system will weaken rapidly.

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