Friday, September 23, 2011

Brief Note on Mumbai Weather..Some Deviation Observed.. See Mumbai Page

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Posted on 23rd September @ 12 noon:Re-Posted here due to technical problem on Mumbai Page..

This week, Mumbai weather has seen a deviation from the routine. A routine that should be adhered to, in the current situation. But, who follows the law and sticks to a schedule in Mumbai ? And if we cannot, we should least expect the "Mausam" to do so !

Brief Explanation:

Normally, once the SWM withdrawal commences from the extreme West Rajastan region, and the retreat line moves Southwards/Eastwards, the normal tendency of the weather over Maharashtra region should be to see the formation of thundercells, quite spread out over the interiors and Konkan regions.

Mumbai would see huge thunder clouds forming over the eastern skies, over Panvel and Matheren region, and drift over the city by the evening.

This sequence is a natural course of event, and occurs as the anticyclone forming in the NW pushes downwards, and convective thermals rise in the heat developed to form thunder clouds.

Hence the 5 days forecast put up for Mumbai and Maharashtra for this week was on this calculation.

But, something different, and "not the routine" has occured. The ridge in the north-west, has extended down South. IMD's sea level chart shows the high pressure ridge extending right into central Maharashtra.

Absolute excuse for thunder clouds to dissappear ! Good reason for the skies to clear, and cool the nights ! Pune down to 18c (-2c), and Mumbai feeling a nip at 22c.

Nothing to do with BB-8, the depression, if it can be so called. Its a weak system, with 89 mms of rain at Ranchi and 48 mms at Jamshedpur.

With the retreating line "closing in" and approaching maharashtra fast, are we in Mumbai going to miss out on the cracker farewell ? And the farewell for Mumbai is surely scheduled for end September,

May not miss out totally. By the end of this week, cloudiness will return, and temporarily wipe out the nip. We should get a few thunderstorms thru next week.

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