Friday, September 30, 2011

The UAC over east Arabian Sea persisits, and is at the same height, without descending further.

SWM has withdrawn from M.P. and U.P. Remaining regions in the East and South of Maharashtra still have the Monsoon conditons prevailing, but as a feeble current.
SWM can retreat from North Mah. and North Konkan within the next 3 days.

Today's (Friday)daytime rainfall was heavy at Dharamsala which saw 88 mms. Sainj also in H.P. measured 27 mms. Interior Karnataka had some showers on Friday. Devihosur received 27 mms while Belgaum saw 18 mms. Neveli had 2 mms.
In Maharashtra (late Friday evening) it was: Bhira 28 mms, Kolhapur 24 mms, Aurangabad 12 mms, Karjat 2 mms.

Hottest in India on Friday: Machillipatnam 38c, and in Pakistan Dal bandin 38c.

See Mumbai Page for September Details.

ALL India Forecast estimate for October, post Monsoon scenario and NEM estimate will be published on Vagaries tomorrow (Saturday) night.


Pavan said...

It is observd that the places betwen d ghats and plains receive ratherheavy rain ie, betwen 35 to 65mm or more during onset and retreat of swm whch mr anant also mentiond, places like pune, chikodi, dharwad haveri(devihosur) chickmaglur, even suburbs of pune were lashd by heavy rains today but eastrn part was dry, which were nt recorded in aws data of pune.

junaid said...

@rajesh i guess u dint read my comment on the previous topic of 29 sept??anyways if possible please can u explain the unusual thing abt the rain at panvel yesterday??? (particularly the absence of thundercells )

svt said...

back after long time. Looks like it will rain in mumbai today but it may be very light. Worth taking umbrella with me for evening rain? ;)

junaid said...

surprisingly there is no mention of rains in panvel,,,neither main imd site or the imd mumbai displays any info about it...?they shud have mentioned it becoz panvel had significant rain yesterday (the rain was atleast more than 2cm)!!!

Rajesh said...

junaid: of course i did read ur comments. But it is very confusung to explain a situation unless it is seen personally. I wish i was there to see the clouds actually, otherwise its difficult to could carry a wrong meaning.
The nearest rainfall recorded yesterday to Panvel i can see is Bhivandi,which had 32 mms.

Pavan: correct observation..

svt: welcome ..TC did develop, but picking up as required..there was rain in Powai at 2 pm when i was there today.

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