Friday, September 16, 2011

Mark Vogan's Preliminary US Winter Forecast NOW AVAILABLE @ #Long Range!
An Overall Colder/Snowier Than Normal Winter Ahead For USA, Worst of Conditions From Fargo to Philadelphia

Was just working out some details, for Max (Thailand) and for my records. Thought I would share it on Vagaries:

1.Highest 24 hrs rainfall for September at Palam Airport till now is 190 mms in 1963.

2. Cherrapunji is going thru a bad monsoon phase. Rainfall from 1st June - 16 th September there is 5624 mms, that is 2111 mms less than what it should be ! Howevr, the rainfall from 1st Jan 2011 till date there is 7880 mms, and the required annual normal is 11070 mms.

3. Bharuch has had 1123 mms till today this season.While Ankleshwar has managed 697 mms.

The heaviest 24 hr fall in Bharuch was on 5th August 1976, when 460 mms fell in 1 day, and for September the heaviest fall in a day was on 6th Sept 1954 when 305 mms fell.

4. Surat's heaviest 24 hr rain ever was 459 mms in 1941 on 2nd July.


junaid said...

since morning by tht i mean (11 am) its been raining off nd onn wih sunny nd cloudy mixed weather,,,,but the rain spell which has started from 4:40 pm is like typical july rain ,,,with consistent sw wind nd its quite monsoonish now ( heavily overcast with dark grey clouds)raining heavily also @rajesh is it due to activation off offshore trough ,,,imd mumbai says now it extends from south gujarat to karnataka coast.wen r the sept thundershowers going to start???

Rajesh said...

Junaid:Refer to vagaries forecast for Mumbai which says next 3 days rainfall will be more in the later part of the day, and with shore trough is moderate..

Shitij said...

light rain in Surat

Neeraj said...

Winter outlook for the sub continent ?

1st March: Mumbai: Parts of Mumbai received light drizzles on Monday Night. Though rain was predicted in Interior Maharashtra, from an upper...