Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mumbai had showers on Saturday with rain amounting to 23 mms at Colaba nad 46 mms at S'Cruz (till 11 pm). Averaging 34 mms. Vagaries had put up 30 mms for Saturday.

Sunday will see 4/5 showers throughout the day a couple of them heavy. Intervals will be bright. Rain amount 30 mms average. Rains decreasing in intensity during the day.

AS-2 vanishes from the latest Thai map. But, IMD mentions its location on Saturday evening as over the West coast of Gujarat and adjoining arabian Sea.
I still feel AS-2 has fizzled out. In effect, it has merged with the seasonal low over South Rajasthan, something which vagaries has anticipated.
Now, IMD forecasts BB-5 to merge with the monsoon trough soon.

As Vagaries had put up the weekend forecast yesterday, there is not much to add to that. On going thru the weekend forecast in Vagaries, seem the forecast is on line. Saurashtra received heavy rains today. I think Konkan cumulative rain for Sat and Sun could add up to around the figure mentioned (up to 75 mms).

But, there is one major variation from our forecast. There is no decrease in rain in Interior Mah.Pune, Kolhapur and Satara districts received good rains.
Mahableshwar received 177 mms in 9 hrs till 5.30 pm (Saturday), Chinchwad 73 mms, Bhira 53 mms. Vishal informs of rains all along the way from Sangli to Mumbai.

Else, for the rest of the regions, do not see much to change for Sunday in the forecast...


Neeraj said...

Any Chance of rains reviving in Kathmandu soon ? there have been few localized heavy rains in some parts, but Kathmandu is mainly hot and dry now. Rainfall total wise and time of the year wise, its not yet time for the monsoon to retreat.

Rajesh said...

Neeraj: Not very soon. Till Thurs/Fri things seem to be staus quo for your region. Maybe ? Lets see. SWM retreat from Kthmandu should be by end sept.

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