Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Rainfall from the depression , 94B, will spread along the eastern shores of India . From Wednesday, 8th. December, the rains will move from A.P. to Orissa and along the coast to W.Bengal and Jharkhand. The heavier falls will be in these states on Thursday. By Friday, the rain pattern will have moved towards the Ganges Delta in Bengal and Bangladesh.

On the Western front, the weakened 95A wiil move into Kerala on Wednesday. Nothing to rave about, but precipitation will be there in the state, and will move Eastwards and NE into South Karnataka and North interior Karnataka by Thursday (9th.), before decreasing. Rains in this Southern peninsula regions will taper off by the weekend. All South Indian states will be dry from Monday.

With no W.D. in sight, Northern Sub-Continent areas will remain dry. We see no W.D. approaching the region till 15th. December.

Western India, Mah, and Gujarat will be dry.
Due to an anticyclone trying to establish itself (in the absence of a W.D.), we see the temperatures falling a bit (on Tuesday, 7th.) in the Northern regions and in Gujarat/Mah. Actually it seems to have fallen, while in reality, the nights have just about reached the normal levels in these areas, after being continuously above the normal.
Nights were around normal to 1c below on Tuesday.

Vagaries predicts these current "normal range temperatures" in Mah/Gujarat/ Rajasthan and Delhi to continue remaining around this range till Saturday.
From Sunday, say for 2/3 nights, we may see the minimums getting cooler (in Northern and Western India incl. Gujarat& Mah.) by around 2/3c from the current temperature range.

Meaning, after the weekend, cities in Punjab could reach 1/2c, Delhi may see 5c. Mumbai may reach 15c, and Nasik/Pune may touch 7c around Monday.In Gujarat, Rajkot and Ahmadabad may drop to10c, and some places in Kutch to 7c.

See Mumbai Weather Page.

Minimum Temperatures of Tuesday, 7th. December.

Lowest in India: Darbuk: -20c, Leh :-15c, Sinagar:-2.7c.
Lowest in the Plains of North: Hissar: 3.2c.

Lowest in hills of South India:Kodaikanal: 9c and lowest in the plains of South: Adilabad:11c.

Lowest in Mah/Gujarat: Nasik: 9c.

Lowest in U.K.: Strathallan: -17c, Glasgow: -13c, Manchester:-8c, London (Heathrow): -2c.

Lowest in Asia: Olenek (Russia): -50c, Agata (Russia): -47c, Underkhaan (Mongolia): -24c.

Lowest in N. America: Eureka (Nunavut): -42c, Fairbanks (Alaska): -31c, Bismarck (N.Dakota): -19c,

Lowest in Greenland: Thule: -21c.

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