Friday, December 03, 2010

Latest Position of 93A:

Situated at 8N and 61.3E and core pressure at 1004 mb. Maximum winds at 25 knots. Low pressure shows organising convective formation in the NW quadrant.It is forecasted to persist for a couple of days in warm waters and deepen to some extent.
Projected track still unsure.
Next update at 12 noon on Friday.

Mumbai page updated.


NT said...

Here's something on Global Warming as it appears in today's online TOI edition:

Let me play the devil's advocate and continue raising points 'for' these global warming guys who seem to be crying hoarse over the last couple of years trying to save the planet. I'll continue to blieve (in my very limited wisdom) that the planet is indeed heating up (the reasons could be many and debatable) the end result is the fact that the planet is heating up.

Rajesh said...

nt, i think your point here was answered by me (maybe to some extent) a year ago. Please go thru the archives on this blog and read thru my write up of the 8th. and 15th. december fact, i think please spare some time and go thru all 4 parts on this topic, all put up in december 2009.

and later, in 2010, i have shown with a graph, that the earth temps have actually gone down in the last decade !

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