Saturday, December 11, 2010

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The projected weekend cold has arrived, albeit a day earliar than forecasted in Vagaries (7th. December).
On saturday morning, in the Northern most areas, the Kashmir region minimum temperatures have dipped considerably with Shyok lowest at -23c, Leh dropping to -16c and Srinagar to -5.2c.
In H.P, Kalpa saw -5c, and Simla 3.8c.

Coming Southwards, Delhi fell to 6.2c today morning, yet 1c more than projected.
Punjab state has still to "react" to the cold spell,though nights are around 6/7c, and Amritsar lowest at 5.8c.
But Rajasthan has fallen to expected levels, with Mt. Abu seeing 1.6c and Churu reading 1.9c on Saturday morning. Most cities in Rajasthan are between 7/8c on Saturday.

Across the border. Temperatures showed a sharp fall right upto the Southern coastal city of Karachi, which slid down to 7.6c ! Islamabad recorded 1.7c.

In Mah. the lowest was in Nasik at 10c.
Gujarat: I have my doubts about the genuinity of Nalliya's (Gujarat) readings. The town reads 3c on Saturday morning. Its readings are consistently lower than the regional readings, and maybe the instrument needs re-callibration.
Towns like Rajkot and Amreli in Saurashtra have recorded 8c, and A'hmbad at 9.9c

Mumbai S'Cruz measured upto the forecasted 16c, and Colaba 19c.

Current cold spell expected to last till Tuesday.

The Max. temperature map of 11th. shows the days getting cooler, specially in the Northern and Western regions.

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Anonymous said...

Nalliya does get really chilled, the temp reading could be correct,IAF readings could be checked from their bases

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