Thursday, December 16, 2010


With a lot of support and feeback from readers, the Vagaries' counter has crossed the 50,000 mark !

Constant interaction with friends and readers, has helped me in bringing Vagaries to its present international status.

My theory has always been to put in facts by explaining my estimates and forecasts. Each prediction has been, as far as possible, supported by charts. Its always prudent for a meteorologist to give reasoning and not just prophesise. Things may eventually fall in place or go either way. Like I said, I am a meteorologist, not a magician.

Vagaries has constantly kept you updated with extreme records and events. When we started our 'Interactive' page, the input from you was very helpful, and a variety of information and pictures became possible.

Special thanks from Vagaries to: Akshay (Nagpur), Ananth, Ashokbhai (Rajkot), Cmdr. Potey (Mumbai), emkay (Panvel), Jim (Accuweather), Junaid (Panvel), Mark Vogan (Scotland), Max, Sanjay (Mumbai), Shiraz (Mahabaleshwar), svt, Tyrone (Karachi) and a host of other "anonymous" readers who have supported and guided Vagaries regularly with very valuable inputs.

A new tab, "Vagaries' Forecast", has been added to the blog. Its an attempt to give a pictorial forecast of rainfall and temperature. It should save the effort of detailed writing (and reading) giving an 'at-a-glance" view.

Please note, this will be updated regularly,as soon as the previous forecast gets invalid, and its update will not be reminded on the Home Page.

Also, new links have been added to the right of the blog. Below the "Profile". 1. IMD image. 2. Colour Image from NRL and 3.Latest Rainfall accumulation from IMD.In reality, this map shows the actual rainfall.

This should help readers to view images and rainfalls directly.


Unknown said...

Lage raho Rajesh Bhai! Its grt to share ups and downs of weather with you...Bahare aanti rahegi !!

anant said...

Congratulations, Delighted to see vagaries of weather has crossed 50000 mark , All credit to your remarkable perseverance and zeal in presenting the "intrigue" of weather in a simplified manner.
your page has indeed a international feel to it now


Rajesh said...

Thanks anant. And please keep your inputs coming, feel free to make any suggestions.

Rajesh said...

thanks for the permant support Cmdr.

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