Tuesday, December 07, 2010

As anticipated, 94B, is lingering in the Bay, and today, 7th. December, is 200 kms SE of Ongole, as a depression. At 1002 mb,and 20-25 knots winds, it is precipitating good rains along the A.P. coast, and interiors of A.P. and North T.N.

It may also bring light rains to eastern Vidharbh tonite, as the outer fringe "alto" clouds of the system has spread and penetrated into Northern interior Karnataka and extreme SE Mah. Solapur got light drizzling rain today in the afternoon.
Vagaries expects the system to travel along the East Indian Coast,due to the ridge axis resistance in the upper air, and just crossing the A.P. coast today evening.
But tracking NE, almost along the coast, it will weaken to some extent.Coastal regions of A.P. and Orissa can expect very good rainfall, with some coastal cities receiving upto 150 mms. in 24 hr period.
The system will in time, say another 3/4 days, rain out in the Ganges delta region of W.Bengal/Bangladesh.

The other low, 95A, will not fulfill its expected "duty", and while refusing to move Northwards, will all but fizzle out in the Kerala region.
Much could not be expected from this at this time of the year.With stiff dry Northerly/NE winds and lowering SSTs, it was getting difficult to move North, along with a discouraging jet stream pushing it east.

Todays world wide lows and Western India, North India and Mumbai forecast will be put up by 10.30 m tonite (sorry for the late postings).

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