Friday, December 03, 2010

Europe Cold Wave Latest on International Page. Space News Updated.

Indian Peninsula with Twin lows on both sides.

In the Arabian Sea, its 93A, with a pressure at 1006 mb and situated at 7N and 62.4E. Winds at 25 knots.
It has shifted slightly east of the previous location,more into warmer waters, and now is elongated and more dis-organised.
Likely track: Initially North.

And in the Bay, 94B, with pressure at 1006 mb, and winds at 15 knots, situated at 5.1N and 89.2 E. Embedded in the monsoon trough, likely to deepen and consolidate, as SST is around 28c in the area.
Likely Track: Will be towards the Sri Lanka and exterme South T.N. coast. And may re-emerge in the Arabian Sea in 2 days.

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emkay said...

Some one tweeted rains at Taloja today i.e Saturday afternoon

Posted Thursday 29th January afternoon: Mumbai/Pune Outlook for 21st Friday/22nd Saturday/23rd Sunday: Mumbai - Pleasant Friday with max/min...