Monday, December 20, 2010

Expected easterly wave, shown on Vagaries Forecast map of 18th, has precipitated rains in T.N.Cuddalore District recieved the most rains, between 2-4 cms. Puducherry also had 2 cms of rain.Rains may shift to the Southern tip of india, and decrease and cease from Wednesday.
Light precipitation due to approaching W.D. likely in Kashmir, Hills of H.P.on Wednesday.
Forecast maps on Vagaries forecast page.

By Tuesday, a W.D. is expected to precipitate rain/snow, not very heavy though, over the Northern regions of Pakistan and move into Kashmir by Wednesday.
Cold day temperatures are expected over N.Pakistan on Wednesday, and night temperatures should drop again from Thursday. Islamabad should fall back to 0c, or even -1c by Friday.
Sindh region temperatures will be in the 4-6c region,and Nokkundi(Sindh) may see freezing point, with Karachi expected to be around 9-10c on Thursday/Friday.

Extreme Western regions of Nepal will see some light rain/snow on Wednesday. A slight fall in temperatures in Nepal could be predicted on Thursday/Friday. Khatmandu may record 1c on these nights.

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Neeraj said...

It was 1C in Kathmandu, Nepal today (Monday). gives daily temperature and rainfall details.

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