Monday, December 13, 2010

An early December snow cover map of this year shows most of northern and central europe covered by a white blanket. Barring the Mediterranian Coast, the snow line has crept quite a bit towards the Southern regions.
U.K. is almost fully covered.Russia, of-course,is also fully blanketed.
Central Asia and Chna are partly covered,and the Hindu Kush range is snow covered, which is normal.
While, this year not much snow is seen in the Himalayan region and Northern Sub-Continent as yet.

Now, a comparison with the same date last year ! Self Explanatory !

And another comparison with 2006.

Anyway, I see things changing for the Sub-Continent Himalayan and Sub-Himalayan regions by this weekend.
Vagaries "sees" a W.D.(not yet announced by any models) approaching the Northern regions of Pakistan by the Friday, 17th, and into Northern India by 18th,Saturday. Give a day here and there.

Snow will commence by saturday in higher reaches and the kashmir valley, hills of H.P. and by Sunday/Monday into the hills of utteranchal.
The plains in Punjab, Haryana and west U.P. will get rains and hail.

On the passing away of the W.D, another cold wave in NW, central and western India. More of this later,its a too stretched out forecast.

Sunday, 12th. December Lows in India:
Shyok: Min. -23c
Leh: Max.4.6c --- Min.-16.6c
Srinagar: Max 10.7c --- Min. -4c.
Keylong: -4.7c
U.P. Agra: 4.5c
Plains of Northern India: Adampur (Punjab): 2.3c.
Rajasthan: Mt.Abu: -2c
Mah. Nasik: 7c.

Shiraz reports from Mahableshwar:"Dear Rajesh,
After months of wet weather, winter has arrived here. Temps. are (18C Max. and 12C Min.) not very low as yet, but we can feel the cold.
To-day morning was sunny, so it created the old Hill Station weather. Some clouds poped up in the afternoon, but they have disappeared now and we can feel the chill.
Regards, Shiraz"

Mumbai S'Cruz slid to 14.6c on Sunday night/Monday and Colaba was 19c. (see Vagaries of 7th.Dec), and Pune to 10c.Delhi hovered at 6.8c.

Cold spell expected to decrease from Tuesday.

Await changes in vagaries' format and presentation on crossing 50,000 hits !!


svt said...

Look like mumbai temp may go below 10c.One japanese long term weather model predicting that this winter temp will be below normal in most of the india especially in west coast.They previousaly got it right with monsoon being above normal especially in west coast.What your thought on this. Congrats for crossing 50000 mark.

Rajesh said...

Thanks svt,
Well, actually its difficult to guage the winter in Mumbai..but seeing the current La-Nina scenario and its W.D. link up, I feel the winter will be below normal over all in North and Central India, with lows going down by 4/5c below in spurts. Simultanious effect in Mumbai may be reflected. I personally feel S'Cruz can go to 10c and Colaba 14c this season.
Lets see !

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