Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gore Effect on Steroids: Six straight days of record low temperatures during COP16 in Cancun Mexico.

"The irony, it burns. Do you think maybe Gaia is trying to send the U.N. and the delegates a message? One record low was funny, three in a row was hilarious, a new record low for the month of December was ROFL, but now six straight days of record lows during the U.N. COP16 Global Warming conference? That’s galactically inconvenient. The whole month so far has averaged below normal": (Anthony Watts).

And Cancun, Mexico, has touched 10c, a record on 8th. Dec.2010.

Last year during Copenhagen, it was said they need to do their theatre in July. It is too risky in the winter.It is very difficult to ignore this reality.

And this dew point map in Cancun.Interesting how low the dew point is during this spell. Once again water vapor soundly trumps CO2 -:)

I’m starting to believe in this Gaia theory. Seems like she does the opposite of whatever the “experts” predict. Coincidence? Hmmm.

And finally, on a lighter note, a superb Limerick by someone:
Down at the shindig in Mex
Lookin’ forward to sand surf and sex
The delegate’s jaws dropped
When Cancun copped
The coolest of Al Gore Effects

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