Sunday, December 19, 2010

On moving away, the recent W.D. has sent a mild cold wave into NW and parts of Western India. (Refer Vagaries Cold Wave Forecast Map). It seems the cold wave has eveded Kutch !

Some of the lows from the region, with Vagaries 19/20th. forecasted fig. in bracket, as on 19th. Sunday were:

Chusul (Ladahk): -28c

Kargil: -11c

Leh: -7.2c

Srinagar: -6c

Keylong: -6c and Kalpa :-4.5c

Adampur (Punjab): 0.9c ( 1c)

Amritsar: 3.3c (2c)

Bikaner: 7.5c (5c)

New Delhi: Lodhi Gardens: 6.7c , S’Jung: 8.5c, ( 7c)

Wardha: 5c

Nasik: 5.9c (5c)

Pune: 7.3c (7c)

Nagpur: 7.7c (10c)

M’Shwar: 10c (10c)

Rajkot: 10.3c (8c)

Ahamdabad; 10.9c (9c)

Bhuj: 12c (5c) – Surprisingly not cold here.

Mumbai: Colaba 19c (18c), S'Cruz: 14c (15c).

Cold Wave should be around for 1 more day in these regions.Expected to abate from Tuesday.

Another mild W.D. could be expected to cover the J.K./Himachal regions from Tuesday.

Minimums from the South:

Bijapur: 6c, Kodaikanal: 9c.

The Easterlty Wave is expected to bring some rains from Monday to the T.N. coastal areas.

A mild cold wave is also in force in the NE regions.

Kohima: 5c, below normal by 5c, Imphal: 6c and Cherrapunji : 7c.

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