Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Posted Wednesday Night:

December Records Breaking Galore !! (See comments by Vagaries for explanation on Heat.Comments of this post)

30th December 2015...Hot conditions prevail in Gujarat...
And these are the 6 Hottest in Asia !!
1 Surat (India) 37.6 °C
2 Karwar (India) 37.2 °C
3 Honavar (India) 37.1 °C
4 Idar (India) 37.0 °C
5 Ratnagiri (India) 37.0 °C

On Monday 28th December 2015, , Porbundar equalled ( 8th Dec 2000) its December record of 37.2c.

On Tuesday 29th, Rajkot saw its hottest December after the 36.4c recorded on 6th Dec 2008.
On Wednesday 30th Ratnigiri recorded its hottest December ever, after 36.7c on 24th Dec 2007.
Indore also saw its hottest ever December with 33.0c, beating previous 32.9c on11th Dec 2008.

On Wednesday 30th he Heat spell has moved East into Vidharbh, as 

Akola records 34.6c ,,6c above normal and 
Chandrapur 35c which is 5.8c above.
And into MP as 
Indore saw 33c ...7c above normal. 
Ujjain touched 33.5c on Wednesday.

Mumbai Scruz 35.3c and Colaba 32.8c.

Western Disturbance J-1 over West/ Central and Northern Pakistan on 2nd Jan and over North Pakistan, Northern India Hill States on 3rd Jan 2016. 

Next WD (J-2) over Sub Continent around 11th Jan.

North East Monsoon to Withdraw from all over on 5th Jan.


Rajesh said...

The present above normal temps, specially in Western and Central India is due to the Anti cyclone sitting over North Gujarat and adjoining MP. This creates a lower level stability, and stagnates the air, causing it to warm up. The Ant cyclone (High Pressure) will move a bit to the East (already moved on Wed) and bring above normal temps to MP and Vidharbh.
Winds remain East in Gujrat and in Central India. North winds are lacking in Northern India.
Simultaneously, this prevents the WDS from coming further South. This causes the temps in Punjab, and NW India to rise.
WDs are also scarce and less as yet, due to a ridge in the 200 jet streams over Afghanistan.
Absence of Raossby waves and troughs halts frequent WDS.
Next WD over Hills expected on 3rd and then on 11th Jan.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Rajesh sir ,an insightful explanation..

Zohair said...

sir at which level this HP is?

Rajesh said...

zohair: at 925 going to form vortex at same level

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