Thursday, December 31, 2015

Posted 31st December Night: Mumbai Special :

What a way to end the year  !.....Its Mumbai...Mumbai has the dubious distinction of being the HOTTEST CITY IN ASIA on 31st December...

Mumbai Santa Cruz was 37.3c, along with Ratnagiri also at 37.3c. However the Hottest ever December day was in 1987, when on  4th December, it touched 39.8c...Wow...Thats a bit too much to bear !! 

Mumbai City:New Year day can expect a drop in Day temperatures and some clouds around Mumbai...and very light drizzles in Goa. (A weak Vortex forms East /SE of Mumbai).

But Ratnagiri breaks its 1 day old record (See yesterday's Post) and again got its hottest December day.
Here Rohit tells us how December Month and Year 2015 has been at Santa Cruz.

The remaining 7 hotspots in India:
3 Kozhikode (India) 36.7 °C
4 Mangalore / Panambur (India) 36.7 °C
5 Karwar (India) 36.6 °C
6 Honavar (India) 36.1 °C
7 Cannur (India) 36.0 °C
8 Mangalore / Bajpe (India) 36.0 °C
9 Alapuzha (India)35.9 °C
10 Akola (India) 35.8 °C

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