Monday, December 21, 2015

Vagaries' First Weather Photograph Contest..Guidelines

1. The Pictures MUST be clicked by the participant. Borrowed picture or picture taken from the net will be dis-qualified.
2. Picture must pertain to weather. Moon rise, sun rise/set and general city scenes are allowed.
3. Date, place and time MUST BE MENTIONED.
4. An applicant may submit one picture only.
5. All entries must be sent by mail to  
Eligible entries will be put up in Vagaries Blog on a Special "Photography Contest Page"
6. The judges are i) Vagarian Salil and ii) Vagarian Rajesh. They will select the top 5. The top 5 will then be put to vote for the first 3 places.It will be put up to vote on the special page in Vagaries blog.
7. The judges decision will be final.
8. The participants are given 20 days time. 20 days are given so that they get sufficient time to take fresh pictures. Alternatively, pictures of 2015 (not older) will also be 
9. Commencement Date: 22nd December 2015. Last date of receipt of entries: 10th January 2016 (12 midnight).

(If in doubt...please ask in comments)

All Must Participate :-)


Unknown said...

Multiple entrirs shd b allowed. Judges are free to choose best

Shreyas Dhavale said...

Are images of January/June 2015 allowed?

Rajesh said...

Normally, entries in any competition or contest allow only 1 snap.The judges leave it to the participant to choose his best picture. Please submit ony one snap...Thanks.

Shreyas: All images of entire 2015 and upto 10th Jan of 2016 allowed.

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