Tuesday, December 08, 2015

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Mumbai: Will see partly cloudy weather on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th. Light rain possible in some areas of city or surrounding vicinity on Friday.

A follow up of the Sunday Post (Refer Here)..Mentioned in order of Sunday Posting

-- The system from the Bay has embedded itself in a trough in the Southern Arabian Sea as mentioned. Clouds from the system are seen moving with the upper winds and "pointing " towards the West coast of India. This direction is seen as the winds are blowing towards an induced Low in Central Pakistan/India.

Light rains are likely in Goa and South Konkan on Thursday /Friday. Some isolated scanty rain possible in North Konkan. South Madhya Mah (Kolhapur, Sangli, Solapur) and parts of Marathwada may get light rains on Friday.

--The Western Disturbance D-1 is approaching on schedule. Precipitation from Western Pakistan on Wednesday will move towards Northern Pakistan and into North Indian States of Kashmir, H.P, Uttarakhand and parts of Punjab on 9th and 10th. Snow in middle reaches (Gulmarg and Pahalgam). 
Possible first snow of the season in Srinagar. Rains in Jammu region.
Medium showers likely in Pak Punjab on the 9th and in Indian Punjab on the 10th.

--Drop in night temperatures as mentioned in article of Sunday.

Chennai: Some showers expected on Wednesday, after a short lull. Not much, but the odd heavy showers can take the day's rain to 10-20 mms. Considerable decrease in rains from Thursday.

Next weekend forecast on Thursday Night.


ameya said...

Sir please provide weekend forecast for Bangalore and also for next 2 days ( Mon - Tues) if possible.

Rajesh said...

ameya: Bangalore:
Saturday cloudy with temperature range 27c-18c.Very light drizzles in some patches.
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday: Partly cloudy. No rain and Temp range between 28c and 17c.

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