Sunday, December 06, 2015

Posted Sunday 6th Night:

The system in the Southern Bay moves West next week and embeds in the trough i the Southern Arabian Sea.

A Western Disturbance (D-1) is seen approaching the Northern Pakistan regions around the 9th of December, and moves into Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh on the 9th and 10th, and over the Uttarakhand Hills on the 11th. Snow in middle reaches (Gulmarg and Pahalgam). Possible first snow of the season in Srinagar. Rains in Jammu region.

Medium showers likely in Pak Punjab on the 9th and in Indian Punjab on the 10th.

Drop in night temperatures in Pak punjab plains and Sindh regions of Pakistan from Wednesday night. Gujrat (Pakistan ) may drop to 5c and Karachi can again see below 11/12c.

Rainfall decreasing considerably in Tami Nadu and Southern Peninsula from Monday 7th.

Cold conditions increase in Plains of Northern Pakistan, Sindh and NW india plains and in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharastra from the 10th.

Forecast for Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th , Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th:

Mumbai: Hazy sky, as the day's remain around 32c. Nights have dropped to 18/19c as predicted last 2 nights. We see nights around the same next 2 nights. Drop and nip in the air after 10th. Around 17-18c expected.

Pune can drop to 11c on 10th.

Chennai: Substantial reduction in rainfall from Monday 7th. Saturday saw 21 mms (estimated was 30 mms) and Sunday till 8.30 pm ) saw 26 mms.

Next 3 days will see rainfall of less than 5-7 mms per day.

Delhi NCR: Partly cloudy skies on Tuesday. Drop in day and night temperatures from Wednesday. Nights dropping below 9c and days below 23c.

Simla: Rain and thunder showers on 9th and 10th. Surrounding regions will also get rains and higher reaches snow.

Kolkata: Kolkata, which has not seen a cold spell this year, may see nights dropping to below 15c from Thursday 10th.


Unknown said...

What about nashik?

Rajesh said...

Shivkumar: Nasik will also get cplder nights...already we saw 10.6c on Monday morning. Can expect 8-10c.

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