Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hottest in Asia on 28th Decemeber: 

Porbundar 37.2c, Kozhikode 36.7c  Laemchabang (Thailand), Ratnagiri 36.3c  

Other hot spots in India: Panji 35.6c  Mumbai Scruz 34.4c, Colaba 33.4c.

Outloook for next 3 days:
Almost total dry weather in the Sub Continent (except Southern TN) next 3 days from Tuesday.

The hot spell in parts of Saurashtra abates from Wednesday, as winds turn NE.
Slight rise in minimum temperatures in Delhi, Haryana and M.P. Night minimums remain between 10c-15c in Haryana, Delhi, U.P.East M.P and Bihar.
Night temperatures rise in interior Maharashtra. Minimums remain between 15c -20c in Gujarat, West M.P, Maharashtra and Southern Peninsula.

Mumbai: Tuesday will be warm and some cloud at 34/35c and further rise in minimum temperatures. Wednesday and Thursday will see SE winds bringing a further rise in night temperatures by another 3/4c.

Pune: Some clouds next 2 days, resulting in rise in minimum temperatures by another 2/3c. Days will be around 31c.

Eastern U.S. above Normal..Compared to West U.S....See U.S. Temp map on Rohit's Page

A Write up with Maps from Rohit Aroskar...see Mumbai Page


Rohit Aroskar said...

High daily temp range (difference between max and min temp above 18 c) recorded at Maharashtra , Goa (Max temp of 27 Dec 2015 afternoon / min temp of 28 Dec morning ) :

(1) Maharashtra : a)North Kokan- Mumbai SCZ ..34 c/13 c , b)South Kokan- Vengurla.. 34/14, c) Madhya Maha - Jalgaon ..30/10 , Solapur..32/12 , d)Marathwada - Aurangabad..30/8 ,Nanded..30/7 , e) Vidarbha - Akola .. 32/10

(2) a) South Goa : Kankon ..34/14 , b) North Goa : Pedne .. 32 /14

Rohit Aroskar said...

High daily temp range recorded at Madhya Pradesh , Orissa ,South Chattisgarh, North Telangana :

1) Madhya Pradesh : Khandwa ..28/7 , Umaria : 27/6
2) Orissa : Pulbani ..26/2 , Keonjhargarh .. 28/8
3) South Chattisgarh .. Jagdalpur .. 28/8

Vinod Desai said...

When will be cold winds again dominate north gujarat.

Weather outlook till Friday 2nd December Dry weather in north India in the absence of any WD, daytime weather comfortable and not extreme co...