Thursday, December 17, 2015

Posted Wednesday Night:

Kolkata can get some rain on late Thursday (17th) and Friday 18th. Day on Friday will be cool at 23c/24c.
Showers expected in Raipur also on Thursday and Friday.

Western Disturbance D-2 will be passing over Northern and NE Plains of Pakistan. And over Kashmir, H.P. and parts of Punjab on Thursday. As a result, we see rain/snow in the Northern hills and Showers in the Punjab plains ( India and Pakistan ) on Thursday.

Recently we saw heavy showers in Kerala. Pradeep gives us the rain figures:
Peringalkuthu (near Athirapally Falls) - 125 
Piravom - 99,Chengannur - 72
Kayamkulam - 69,Trivandrum AP - 61,Thodupuzha - 57
Cherthala - 51,Vellayani - 47,Ernakulam South - 46
Kurudamannil - 42,Konni - 40,Manjeri - 40,Peringammala - 40.

The rain restricted to a small region last 24 hrs:
The States South of Maharastra are getting a delayed winter, with the cooling yet to start:


Vinod Desai said...

IT was a cold morning today in Mumbai. May be coldest of this season.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Sir, you must also turn your attention towards the weather of Uttar Pradesh at the moment. Ground frost has been observed in Kanpur with an air temperature of 1.8 degree Celsius, which was incidentally the lowest in the plains of the country.

Unknown said...

In the last days of december or1st week of january,there seems to be a strong WD to hit our region? Sir wt are your expectations from it?

Rajesh said...

Ishan: i have now put up in Flash snippet.

Umer Amin: Umer, You must understand that these long term forecasts vary and change very much and sometimes almost turn from "yes' to "no".
It is not the policy of vagaries to give a long term forecast. We have a long term forecast procedure, but dont publish it and vagaries gives a definite (without change) 3/4 days forecast. Long term 15 days forecasts by any models are changing, and they are "allowed" to change. But for vagaries, that is not possible. We cannot go on changing every 12/24 hrs.
When vagaries ids sure, it will surely be published.
I cannot comment on another forecast.

Just for your question, i will commit that a wave in the upper winds could bring a WD around the 27th of this month. But will write on this as soon as we are sure of exact date.

Unknown said...

Got it sir,thanks so much

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