Thursday, December 03, 2015

Posted Thursday 3rd Night:

The Low we were expecting (Wed Night Post) has formed off the South TN/Sri Lanka coast.Extended trough stretches to West coast.
On Thursday, rainfall was heavy due to this formation in the Karaikal and Cuddalore region as we had mentioned. Karaikal received  49 mms and Cuddalore 30 mms till 8.30 pm IST.

Chennai: A major let up in rains...with 1 mm recorded on Thursday 3rd (till 8.30 pm).
Few Showers on Friday 4th (5-10 mms..till Saturday 8.30am), mostly in the day. Very windy in the day.

Saturday 5th getting more frequent, showers late afternoon. 

Sunday 6th will see frequent showers, around 30-40 mms, till Monday 8.30 am.
Sunday rain stretches from Chennai to Pondi.

Mumbai this weekend, Mumbai sees no major weather change. Days will remain warm around 32/34c. Nights may see a small drop to 18/19c at Scruz and around 22c at Colaba.

In the Sub-Continent, no Major weather event this weekend.
Night temperatures dropping slightly in Pakistan Punjab and Upper Sindh regions.
Slight fall in Indian Punjab and Haryana and NCR.

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Vinod Desai said...

Sir, when will temperatures in maharashtra start dropping.

Narayanan chennai said...

Thanks rajesh sir I'm passing your Chennai prediction to friends to avoid panicking. Hope you are fine.

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