Friday, December 11, 2015

D-1 Active on Both Sides of Border...

Pakistan: Islamabad saw 26 mms and max temp of 15c. Gujrat (Pakistan) saw 10 mms and a low of 8c on Friday. More details of Pakistan rains in Vagaries Pakistan.

India: As we hoped for, Srinagar got its season's first snow flakes on Friday 11th...but recording just 6 mms till 10.30 pm IST and a high of 6.6c.
But Shimla was lashed by a thunder storm on Friday, seeing 33 mms of rain and sleet. The day's high was a similar 6.6c. 
Kasauli saw 19 mms and Dalhousie with 10 mms of precipitation, Dharamsala 9 mms.

Mumbai City had an overcast sky from Friday afternoon. South Central Mumbai saw a few drops of rains in the afternoon. 

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