Friday, October 21, 2011

The W.D.effect:
Parts of Himachal Pradesh experienced snowfall during the last 24 hrs.
Report said that Bhagotu area of Pangi subdivision in Chamba district got 5 cm snowfall while high passes like Barlacha got fresh snowfall, while weather was cloudy in the higher reaches of Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur district of the state.
Minimum temperature of of Keylong in Lahaul Spiti was recorded at 1.3c, and Kalpa was 3.8c.
In Kashmir, Gulmarg touched freezing point on Friday morning, and the minimum was 0c. First snowfall expected in the next 24 hrs. Srinagar's low was at 5.4c on Friday.

Northern areas of Pakistan had a marginal effect of this W.D. Mild precipitation of 2 mms was recorded in Islamabad. However the hottest in Pakistan was still at 39c (Turbat).
Expecting the nights to get cooler in the North and Islamabad next 2/3 nights. Karachi can expect a fall of about 2c (to around 19c) in night temperatures next 2/3 nights. Days will be around 33/34c.

Kathmandu got some light rain today (Friday), just traces recorded. The day was at 26c and the night was at 15.9c due to cloudy weather.

Saturday will be warm for Mumbai with a high of 35c (Friday was 34.2c), and the morning low should be at 22/23c.

Pune and Delhi, can expect a minimum of 16/17c Saturday morning.

A brief note on Saturday (evening) on the prospects of NEM.

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