Monday, October 24, 2011

UAC over East Arabian Sea off Kearala coast persisits, and Australian Bureau and Thai Met. show it as a sea level low off the Karnataka coast. A trough from this low extends towards the west coast, and could strengthen the low to some extent.
Precipitation expected in Kerala and coastal Karnataka next 2/3 days. If the trough remains and strengthens the low, could see some rain creeping up into Goa.

Expected Bay low seem to be evading !Though the UAC is persisting. Anyway, the up-coming Easterly Wave might just get the projected rain inflow onto the T.N coast.

Snowfall, first of this season, reported from Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Tangmarg on Saturday and Sunday. Last year, the first snow in the mid hills was on 13th November.
This weekend, all the higher reaches also got snow in Kashmir and H.P.

Sunday, 23rd October:Max Temperatures today:

Hottest in Asia: Makkah: 40c

Hottest in India on Sunday (23rd October):

Deesa, Idar and Surendranagar (Gujarat): 37.8c.

Mumbai Colaba: 36.6c

Mumbai S'Cruz: 36.2c.


N.Delhi (SFD): 33c


Hottest in Pakistan: Mithi: 38c.

Karachi: 35c.

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sridhar said...

Rajesh, There was slighly cold winds blowing in Thane, in the night..experienced a dip in the temp as well, was it because of probable rains along the coast or its the cold winds from the you need to tell us when will the so called, winter set in the mumbai

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